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Being Bodhiminded

7. Q: When a sound is made, there is said to be the sense of hearing. When no sound is present, does one still have this sense of hearing?
A: The sense of hearing is limited to those worldlings who have no avenue to the Unborn. For those who are Bodhiminded, there is more than just the sense of hearing, there is true inner-listening.
Q: How can one have this inner-listening if there is nothing present to listen to?
A: In procuring the inner-Dharma ear, one must first put on the Unborn Buddha Mind, thus one is Bodhiminded. In being Bodhiminded one exceeds mere surface reality and develops the fine Dharma-faculty of inner-listening to the Deathless Sound of Suchness; no-thing being present is irrelevant to this transcendent enterprise.
A: Well, then, who or what does the listening?
Q: The function of this listening is bestowed upon those who are attuned with the Bodhimind. Thus “the listener” is one who comes to know what it means to be Bodhiminded. read more

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