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Recollection of the Realm of Buddhas


Then Sudhana proceeded by stages to the country of Ramavaranta. Having
reached Ramavaranta, reflecting on and tasting the mentally pleasing enjoyments based on higher action born of past roots of goodness, he went to
Mount Sugriva, climbed the mountain, and looked in every direction for the
monk Meghashri. Finally, after seven days, he saw the monk walking on the
plateau of another peak. He went to Meghashri, paid his respects, and said,
“0 noble one, I have determined to seek supreme enlightenment, but I do
not know how an enlightening being should learn the conduct of enlightening
beings, or how one should accomplish it, or how to begin the practice
of enlightening beings, how to carry it out, fulfill it, purify it, comprehend
it, realize it, follow it, keep to it, and expand it, or how an enlightening
being is to fulfill the sphere of universally good action. I hear that you give
instruction for enlightening beings, so please tell me how enlightening
beings proceed to supreme perfect enlightenment.” read more

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