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Is there a Goblin in the House?

1:6 Mahākassapa (6) (Kassapa Sutta) Thus has it been made known. At another time the Blessed One was staying near Rājagaha, at the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrels’ Feeding Sanctuary. It was then that the Venerable Mahákassapa who was residing at the Pepper Cave suddenly became violently ill with a serious disease. After a period of time he recovered from the illness when the thought occurred to him, “What if I were to enter Rājagaha for a quest of alms?” Not far away as many as 500 Read more [...]

Gopa, Maya, and the City of Mind

Gopa Gopa was the wife of Siddhartha Buddha and her name is indicative of a “sense of watching over, or protecting.” She says to Sudhana that she has “attained an enlightening liberation whose sphere is observation of the ocean of concentrations of all enlightening beings." She also lets him know that the practice of Bodhi-Beings depends on the following: "There are ten things by which enlightening beings fulfill this kind of enlightening practice, the light of total knowledge, Read more [...]