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The True Lion’s Roar of Queen Śrīmālā (Intro)

The sutra is also known as the Śrīmālādevī Siṃhanāda Sūtra and in its abbreviated form as Śrī-mālā-sūtra ; the original author is unknown. Scholars concur that it was written in the Andhra region of South India in the third-century A.D. and since its inception has greatly influenced Buddhist China, Korea and Japan. According to Alex Wayman the Queen in its title is referenced to the glorious garland (Śrīmālā) given to the main protagonist in the sutra by her mother, Mallikā, whose name means the daughter of the garland maker. All in all, though, the opening setting of the sutra that introduces her is half historical and half fictional. The central thrust of the sutra is that all sentient beings potentially have the Buddha-seed; this is reinforced through the dominant doctrines of the One-Vehicle and Its primary conduit of the Tathagatagarbha. Wayman states: read more

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