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Like a Diamond in the Sky: Bardo 3, Akshobhya

Imagine for a moment that we’ve jumped-ahead to the later Bardo experiences; this is the end of life, the signs of imminent death are creeping all around us. Our bodily shell (rupakaya) is deteriorating fast—that’s the sign-post up ahead…the Bardo of Dharmatā is coming soon! Then, for a brief interval, the Clear Light of the Dharmakaya is there beckoning us to its effervescent shore. The way home is shining all around us. But wait! Lacking the proper gnosis, we fail to recognize this supreme window of opportunity; the body consciousness still clings to life…panting…grasping…trying desperately to maintain control over the vicissitude’s of its dictatorial hold over all cognitive functions. The moment is wasted. The window slams shut! We are left alone again with those meandering thoughts that in the bardo-proper become manifested and magnified beyond description. We are once again entrapped in that monstrous maze whose diurnal course leads to another womb-birth in one of the six realms of samsaric existence. Mea Culpa! All is lost! That’s why prior effort spent in Bardo Realm Three of meditation and Deep Samadhis was so critical in avoiding and transcending this unhappy fault! Entering into the Transformational Mandala of the Five Tathagatas is a prerequisite for abstaining from the erratic course of the body consciousness and its nefarious crew, the five skandhas. read more

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