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Be of Humble Heart


A counsel to embrace a Humble Spirit
And to the Nature of this Work

Wake-up, weak creature, and be aware of what you pretend to be. Do you find yourself as being somehow special to be called to partake in this holy favor of the Blessed One? In truth you are filled with a slothful-spirit and thus fail to see the auspicious nature of the work set before you. read more

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The Third Tower: There is no Security in this Life

Undeceive yourself, blessed soul; in this practice all the works that are not governed by true zeal and born of pure love and a purged spirit are clothed in vanity, self-love, and spiritual ambition. (Miguel de Molinos: The Spiritual Guide) read more

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The First Tower: Self-gnosis

*Please be advised that we are utilizing two different translations of The Interior Castle: The edition by Benedict Zimmerman, and the edition by Kieran Kavanaugh, O.C.D. and Otilio Rodriguez, O.C.D. (O.C.D. =Order of Discalced Carmelites). read more

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Three Blind Mice

3. The Disciples’ Reluctance to Visit Vimalakirti

One perhaps asks the question, why do such noble personages—like Sariputra, Subhuti, and later the Bodhisattvas themselves—have such a reluctance to go and visit the ailing Vimalakirti? They are not, says Thurman, “pretending” but rather through their previous encounters with Vimalakirti, are indeed unwilling to make a return visit. My sense is that their lack of enthusiasm in this enterprise is, in effect, a literary device to quicken Vimalakirti’s resolve to heighten the adept’s determination to break-free from all dichotomies. One needs to have a steady resolve in avoiding all extremes—the dualistic quagmire of falling into all frames of attachment, from sense-gratification, to self-mortification and even Absolute categories of existence and non-existence. Vimalakirti is emphatic that these extremes are not just meant to be avoided…but unequivocally transmuted, through Buddha-gnosis into Bhutatathata—Deathless Suchness. read more

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Spiritual Distress

The incessant craving for remaining in ecstatic spiritual experiences that oftentimes afflicts the unwary adept can open the door to extreme states of spiritual distress. After the grand phenomenal and kaleidoscopic episodes have subsided, the self-absorbed soul will naturally find itself becoming embittered for its apparent loss. Accompanied with this collapse of grandiosity, the resulting void produces tension that is mired in incessant modes of irritability—so much so that after a while, it becomes nearly impossible for others to remain in any form of association with such a soiled mind. read more

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