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65 & 66 [Cleary]: By proofs, paradigms of logic, and by proposition and reason, in terms of a dream, a castle in the air, a mirage, the moon and sun, I use such examples to say an origin is not objective. The imagined world is called a dream, confusion, or illusion, in the sense of being empty. A Buddha states his case most logically, with reason and inference, for the purpose of forming the main proposition that the apparent objective world is airy-fairy and lacking in substance—thus Read more [...]


(Chapter II verse 156) [Cleary]: This world is representation, made of names, not there as it appears.  The clusters are makers of optical illusions imagined by the naïve. I Like Cleary’s description here of the skandhas as “clusters”. Suzuki’s translation says that the skandhas are like a “hair-net wherein discrimination goes on”; Cleary refers to this as being akin to an optical-illusion maker. We are indeed just made-up like clusters of an active imagination—just naïve Read more [...]