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Exegesis on Little Office

The recently concluded series on the Unborn Gita housed many different forms of yoga: karma yoga, the yoga of discernment, Jnana yoga–yoga for contemplatives, yoga of gnosis, yoga of renunciation, Primordial Dharma-Yoga—(ancient technique of aligning the chakras in the spirit of equanimity), Dhyana Yoga, Divine Yoga (equanimity of Mind), Unborn Yoga—(unites all the yogic disciplines), Dharmakaya Yoga, and Holy Yoga (Unexcelled Union in Inseparable Bodhi. The Little Office of Our Lady of the Void is a form of Bhakti Yoga in that it worships the Divine Unborn Principle, most notably in this instance Arya Tara—Our Lady of the Void, a manifestation of the Dark Principle Itself. Arya Tara is highly exalted over all Celestial Beings—yea, her Immaculate Womb houses the beloved Bodhichild. The Little Office strengthens one’s affinity with her as well as the Blessed Unborn Dharma Lord Himself. read more

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