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A Colorful Island in Space

This series would be incomplete if I did not share some personal psychedelic anecdotes from my own past. In my late teens and early twenties I used to smoke marijuana in social settings with my friends. These occasions were always filled with fun and laughter. There was one instance while getting high at dusk in a wooded area that I envisioned a GIANT pair of disembodied Keds Sneakers (the old kind with the high backs) walking down the path in our direction as everyone howled with laughter. Another time I was driving past my first family home that we used to live in (direction heading west) and pointing out to my passengers “here, we used to live on that side of the road (pointing left).” Then, at the end of the street we turned-around and proceeded driving down the road again (direction heading east) as I pointed out, “here, we used to live on THAT side of the road (pointing right). You had to be high while appreciating this. But by far the most singular episode occurred while living in the wilds of South Florida in 1980. At that time I was working at assorted jobs to pay my way through college; one of them was at a place named “The Olde Fashioned Cookie Junction”, a locale inside one of the shopping Malls. While working with a girl named Dawn, we both were smoking some Sensimilla. Now Sensimilla is a most highly concentrated form of cannabis that, unlike other forms, contained no seeds. Here’s a more full representation: read more

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