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The Hermit-Milarepa

The Hermit is the most outstanding Arcanum of the Tarot—yea, it bespeaks the very nature of the hermetic-spirit. It is the ideal of spiritual-awakening and the advice is quite simple—look inward. The image of a tortoise that withdraws into its shell is brought to mind here, for just so must the eremitical hermit withdraw from outside influences and take refuge in the stillpoint within. By turning inward and reassessing the situation from the Noble-Contemplative vantage-point, one realigns with the Noble Light of Truth. Perhaps the greatest Buddhist illustration of this Eremitic Principle is the great Milarepa, the charismatic Tibetan hermit-poet. A general outline of his life and significance is in order: read more

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Monday Prime


*Please note: certain passages, acclamations and refrains are repeated throughout the Little Office of Our Lady of the Void. For example, the opening introits, hymn to Our Lady, and first psalm, The Trisagion, Supplication and Benedictus remain the same for Prime; the introits, hymn to Our Lady and the Unborn Magnificat remain the same for Vespers. read more

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Songs of Renunciation

From the Songs of Milarepa (Dover Thrift Editions):

The way of the world is illusion:
I strive after true reality.
To be moved by earthly possessions is illusion :
I endeavour to rise above duality.
To be the world’s servant is illusion:
I wander in the mountains alone.
Wealth and possessions are illusion:
I renounce for the sake of the faith any I may have.
External things are illusion:
I contemplate the mind.
Distinctive thought is illusion:
I follow after sapience.
Conditional truth is illusion:
I dispose the absolute truth.
The printed book is illusion:
I meditate upon the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition.
Philosophical argument is illusion:
I study at length that which is unfeigned.
Both birth and death are illusion:
I contemplate the deathless truth.
Ordinary knowledge is illusion:
I exercise myself in wisdom.
The delight of mental thought is illusion:
I dwell in the state of reality.
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