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The High Priestess-Mother Prajnaparamita

The Arcanum of the High Priestess discloses how Pure Wisdom builds her house which is referenced as “book” (MOTT). For our purposes this is revealed through the texts of the Prajnaparamita Sutras wherein Mother Prajnaparamita is revealed in all her sacred glory. Firstly, she is a mother born out of her own Womb of Wisdom. Her perfect Voidness signifies the bottomlessness of all phenomena. read more

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A Triangular Affair

Tereza Ferraz

According to Judith Simmer-Brown the “Secret Ḍākiṇī”, which is akin to the “Mother Prajñāāramitā (typical of the Unborn Space of the Primordial Mind) in Vajrayāna practice”, is represented by “crossed-triangles”, or the “Source” of phenomena, chöjung: read more

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