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Julius Evola: Go tell it on the Mountain

The spirituality of Julius Evola was decidedly a transcendent one. He writes that this first manifested itself in his early youth wherein he felt “detached from what is merely human.” Also being an avid mountain climber in the years before his affliction (paralysis from a spinal injury) induced him to place the image of a mountain as the dominant symbol that bespoke transcendence itself. He drives this theme home in one of his works, "Meditations on the Peaks: Mountain Climbing as Metaphor Read more [...]


Oftentimes we encounter writers who are on the quest for a new Spiritual-Religion. Chuang-Tzu himself transcended the ordinary categories of just what constitutes common notions of such a quest.  One of my resources in this series is a book by Ge Ling Shang entitled Liberation as affirmation: the religiosity of Zhuangzi and Nietzsche. This author has provided a key term that best expresses the aforementioned quest: Religiosity. He has chosen unlikely bedfellows whose dissimilar philosophies Read more [...]