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On Genuine Spiritual Experience

Received an email the other day from a source that I discern is a kindred-spirit. Eric S. Fallick identifies himself as a "Platonist contemplative ascetic, renunciant, eremitical monastic and mystic of many years standing tenuously surviving alone and without support." Having read his essays from his website it is good to know that there are indeed other solitaries out there who are total renunciants to the ways of this world and fully are attuned with and seek Divine Union from the Absolute Read more [...]

The One Substance

PART TWO  Selections from:  THE WAN LING RECORD OF THE ZEN MASTER HUANG PO (TUAN CHI) A collection of dialogues, sermons and anecdotes recorded by P'ei Hsiu during his tenure of the prefecture of Wan Ling  1. “Once I put this question to the Master. How many of the four or five hundred persons gathered here on this mountain have fully understood Your Reverence's teaching? The Master answered: Their number cannot be known. Why? Because my Way is through Mind-awakening. How Read more [...]