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Primordial Voidness

Primordial Voidness (ádiśunyatá) refers to the intrinsic nature, which is the self-same Voidness. Everything we are conscious of, both inwardly and externally, is representative of this Voidness. From time immemorial the entire cosmos and its substrata dharmata hinges upon this magnificent Voidness. Our apparent origin is from Voidness, we are within (IT), and in the final scheme of this fragile samsaric bubble we shall dissolve back into Essential Voidness. In order to see this (clearly) it behooves us to Contemplate upon this Great Voidness. Upon our initial recognition, we need to stabilize IT within the very core of our beingness, which within a Buddhaic framework refers to remaining stable in our Natural State. There is no higher Self-Realization other than this and it can only be contemplated within the Clear Light of the Unborn Buddha Mind. read more

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