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Further Disclosures of the True Nature

Art by Sarahjagdip

Chapter Nine continues the discourse on the Tantra vehicles that are linked to cause and effect, thus they are insufficient in light of the Great Perfection. Chapter Ten then reverses the downplay of those vehicles, indicating that there is still value inherent in all of them—because Dzogchen does not impose any limits. Thus, Samantabhadrī is the all-encompassing One and permits many different schools under her roof. Ultimately, however, it is always the Dzogchen teachings that are dominant and the best course to realize the Self-actualization of her Beingness. read more

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Tibetan Zen

From, Tibetan Zen, by Sam Van Schaik

A monk who waters the fields of the dharma path and does not grow the seeds of discriminating awareness within it—this is dharma practice. read more

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