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Unassailable Asylum of Gnosis


The earth Goddess, Sthavara, assures Sudhana of his progress and showers him with countless jewels: “These billions of treasuries of jewels accompany you and are at your service, to be used as you wish; they have been produced as a result of your good works and are preserved by the power of your good works. Take of them and do whatever should be done.” These are no ordinary jewels. They radiate with Buddha-gnosis and are symbolic of the great treasure that awaits those who honor this unassailable Wisdom. Sthavara herself is representative of this treasure, having had received a liberation known as the ‘unassailable asylum of knowledge.‘ What is amazing in these revealing passages is that she has served as an asylum for Vairocana himself, protecting him with a Mantle of Gnosis: read more

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