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Spiritual Aphorisms of Meister Eckhart

It would take a lifetime to cover every aspect of Meister Eckhart’s thought. We have covered dominant insights in this series but would also like to leave you with assorted spiritual aphorisms from the Meister which covers a wide-range of his mysticism. Am indebted to the Kidadl Team for compiling them, which incidentally they just completed this past November, 2021—one of those interesting synchronicities. Have chosen the ones that parallel most favorably with our own teachings here at Unborn Mind Zen. A commentary for each one follows—one (as always) in light of the Unborn. Certainly, Meister Eckhart has entered the ranks of that elite group of mystics known as the Black Dragons, joining the likes of Huang Bo, Bodhidharma, Tsung Mi, and John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila—all whose invincible presence and incomparable Wisdom have enlightened the minds of all who are ready to receive such rare Bodhi-pearls for the fulfilment of their spiritual quest. read more

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Season of Stillness

By and large our completed series on Zuowang predominately stated that spiritual stability is the main component in a successful contemplative enterprise. This has much to do within Unborn Mind Zen on the Recollection of the Unmoving Principle–one that bypasses the diurnal moving samsaric wheel of dukkha. This is mostly orchestrated in the contemplative dimension of one-pointedness of mind, or Bi guan, thus quieting the mind from all sensory outflows. Also in league with our own spiritual tradition, Zuowang reinforced the notion of guarding the One. To do so without wavering involves ceaselessly recollecting the Unborn Buddha Mind as motionless and undisturbed in the Void. In doctrinal terms this One Singularity of Mind intuits itself and nothing else. This is also known within Unborn Mind Zen as Turning the Light around and protecting the Garbha-child. Essentially this involves an ever-abiding vigilance over the developing Child of Light (Bodhichild). This is singularly unique since the concentrated point of Unborn Light does indeed form mystically into the beloved Child of Suchness. A critical moment wherein the Spiritual-Principle transforms into a spiritual-child of light; from this moment onwards, it is this developing garbha-germ that now resumes the Recollective Resolve. Thus, the adept is really never alone during the Dark Night of Contemplation, as one is pregnant with this immaculate seed of all Buddhas. In terms of a Daoist formulation Qi can now flow smoothly throughout the body and spirit. read more

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An Interminable Stillness

A prominent part of a Contemplative’s mystical gear is silence. Bernadette asserts that this is fourfold in nature: a silence from within; a silence that descends from without; a silence that stills existence; and a silence that engulfs the entire cosmos. As part of her newfound no-self awakening, a silence in which there is nothing also needs to be included. True enough, the path of silence constitutes an unfolding of the Unknown—a numinous quilt that enwraps itself around an earnest disciple in the Unborn. However, for Bernadette this path suddenly came to an abrupt end one day when she found herself engulfed in an altogether totally strange silence from which she would never emerge. read more

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Quiescence within Activity

[Section 4: Quiescence within Activity]

When you have clearly seen emptiness at all times, whether walking, standing, sitting, lying down, and even when eating, [4.26] you must then reflect as follows: “The Dharma is without duality, but if I am now using the mind to see emptiness, this would constitute a duality [between mind and its object]; who, then, [4.27] is able to see emptiness?” In this way turn your gaze back onto the emptiness-[perceiving] mind itself, which is [in truth] entirely devoid of any conceptualization of “emptiness.” Diligently gazing without cease, the mind [4.28] will become still of itself and concerning this stillness you will not even form the idea “stillness.” read more

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