On Wednesday for many quarters the solemn season of Lent begins. The whole premise is based on the encounter that the Bodhisattva Jesus had with Satan (Mara) in the desert of karmadhautu for 40 days. For many, they just outwardly “deny” themselves something for this time period before Easter rolls-around—but it’s all really just superficial—no true inner Metanoia occurs. Yet, that encounter in the desert is another metaphor for something that constitutes the inner warfare that occurs daily between the force of Good and Evil—that bifurcation that denies the Self its rightful Recollection in the realm of dharmadhatu. That’s the choice really…either to continue bowing allegiance to the collective forces that keep one imprisoned within the samsara of their own mind—or to truly make that inner-turn-about (Metanoia) and awaken to the Noble discovery of Self-Realization that Alone can break the endless karmic cycle of the no-self regenesis.

During this 40-day spiritual sojourn, we will be exploring the Holy Teachings of Vimalakirti, or the Vimalakirti Sutra—truly a worthy companion piece that helps to shed light on the Mahayanan and Unborn path…you will find Vimalakirti to be mighty fine company–one who maps the path out of the wilderness of samsaric confinement.

The following is from the auspicious video-series, The Dragon Mind of Zen…it helps to set the theme and stage for just what is involved with that cosmic struggle that is part and parcel of the spiritual Odyssey—a marker that marks Mara’s determination to keep you bound and enslaved to avidya (ignorance).

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