Fifteen: Benediction


“If a good disciple, whether man or woman, in the morning, at noonday, and at eventide, sacrificed lives innumerable as the sands of the Ganges, and thus without intermission throughout infinite ages; and if another disciple, hearing this Scripture proclaimed, steadfastly believed it, his felicity would be appreciably greater than the other. But how much greater must be the felicity of a disciple who transcribes the sacred text, observes its precepts, studies its Laws, and repeats the Scripture that others may be edified thereby?”

“Subhuti, the relative importance of this Scripture may thus be summarily stated: its truth is infinite; it’s worth incomparable; and its merit interminable.”

“The Lord Buddha delivered this Scripture specifically for those who are entered upon the path which leads to Nirvana, and for those who are attaining to the ultimate plane of Buddhic thought. If a disciple rigorously observes, studies, and widely disseminates the knowledge of this Scripture, the Lord Buddha entirely knows and perceives that for such an one there will be a cumulative merit, immeasurable, incomparable, illimitable, and inconceivable. All such disciples will be endowed with transcendent Buddhic wisdom and enlightenment. And why ? Because, Subhuti, if a disciple takes pleasure in a narrow or exclusive form of the Law, he cannot receive with gratification the instruction of this Scripture, or delight in its study, or fervently explain it to others. Subhuti, in whatever place there is a repository for this Scripture, the whole realm of spiritual beings ought to adore it; and reverencing it as a sacred shrine, ‘ceremoniously surround it, scattering profusely sweet-scented flowers, and pure odours of fragrant incense.”

This section essentially reinforces what was spoken in section twelve concerning the “special place of reverence” for the sutra, as well as highlighting the immeasurable “transcendent merits” that are accrued by those who assiduously study and reverence it. As being reserved for those “who are attaining to the ultimate plane of Buddhic thought”, the sutra is referencing those of the Mahayana as opposed to the Hinayana; although, especially in this final course of the dharma-ending age, those who embrace the path of Tathagata Zen are also assured incalculable blessings as the Diamond Sutra is indeed the sacred reliquary of the hallowed Tathagatas themselves as it is an Exposition of the Diamond-Body of Truth Itself: the Dharmakaya.

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