Huangbo’s Whiskers

Lin ji


Master Huangbo saw that Linji returned, and said, “This guy keeps coming and going, when will you ever be done?” 

Master Linji said, “Because of your grandmotherly zeal, so all is done.” And he stood in attendance by Huangbo. 

Huangbo asked, “Where have you been?” 

Linji said, “Following your kind guidance, I visited Master Dayu and now I have returned.” 

“What did Dayu say?” 

Linji retold the encounter. 

Huangbo said, “That ol’ fella Dayu talks too much. If he comes I’ll give him a good beating!” 

Linji said, “Why bother to wait? The beating can be done now!” And he slapped the Master. 

HunagBo said, “This lunatic is pulling the tiger’s whiskers!” 

Linji gave a shout. 

Huangbo called the attendant, “Bring this lunatic to the Zen Hall.”


Huangbo entered the kitchen and asked the cook, “What are you doing?”

The Cook said, “Selecting rice for the monks’ meal.”

Huangbo said, “how much do they eat in one meal?”

The cook said, “Two and a half stone.”

Huangbo said, “Isn’t that too much?”

The cook said, “I’m afraid it isn’t enough!”

Huangbo hit him.

The cook related this event to Linji. Linji said, “I’ll check out the old fellow for you.”

Linji then went and stood in attendance for Huangbo.

Huangbo brought up his conversation with the cook. Linji said, “The cook doesn’t understand. Please, Master, say a phrase on his behalf.”

Huangbo said, “You ask it.”

Linji said, “Isn’t that too much?”

Huangbo said, “Tomorrow, have another meal.”

Linji said, “Why say ‘tomorrow’? Have a meal right now!” And so saying he hit Huangbo.

Huangbo yelled, “This crazy man has come in here and grabbed the tiger’s whiskers again!”

Linji shouted and went out.




Huangbo’s Whiskers

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