16. Devotion

hex 16

Ratnasambhava’s Reverent Devotion


In this hexagram the Primordial Qi-energies (the inner yogic-heat) meet up directly with the Tri-Ratna-field of Ratnasambhava that reverences the three-fold Dharmatic-element in sentient beings. It is through this heightened devotion that whatever is willed can be supernally accomplished in the Unborn.

Proper devotion fuels the ability to fully engage the Living Matrix of the Tathagatas in reverence and truth. The aim here is not to fulfill the rabid desires of the carnal mind, but rather to directly feed on the inner energy reserves of the Shining Ones THAT are perpetually in sync with primordial-purposes for the Higher-Good.

This devotion also brings to mind the reverence of past sages and teachers who preceded us on the path to Noble Self-realization. Their spiritual-fortitude instilled perseverance and undying forbearance in the face of all hazards and vulnerabilities that align the Diamond-way to Self-transformation.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Forsake indulging in carnal-pleasures.

This position represents foolhardiness in exclusive-association with carnal-delights and attachments that are the recipe for misery and ruin.

Second yin: Be steadfast in transcending all superficialities.

Remain resolute in the Recollective Resolve to forgo all external artificialities by focusing on the Primordial, and not the temporal, order.

Third yin: Repent of all former affections that impede the one privileged-joy in the Unborn.

Abandoning one’s fixation on past laurels and relationships is the opening for the True Source of Eternal-Joy to take root.

Fourth yang: Reposing in the Root Source of Joy brings blessings untold.

True devotion gathers others to the Unborn with the spirit of undivided communion.

Fifth yin: An illness may persist but one’s spirit remains untouched and undying in the Unborn.

Remaining unsullied in the Unborn one is impervious to all ills and evil tribulations of the temporal order.

Sixth yin: Madcap repose in false bliss will lead to great misfortune.

Sober-up, forsake inferior comforts and taste the Noble Freedom of Right Devotion in the Unborn.

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