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Dispassionate Liberation

Sinhavijurmbhita The introduction to the nun, Sinhavijurmbhita, provides a lengthy description of her city, Sunlight Park. Breaking it down… He saw Sunlight Park adorned with hundreds of thousands of towers arrayed with inconceivable, innumerable jewels, beautiful as the castle of the god Indra. It was adorned with arrays of all kinds of jewels, everywhere graced with arrays of beautifully formed parasols, always radiating pleasing light, like the abode of the god Brahma, shining with Read more [...]

An Ancient Mariner

Vaira Vaira is a mariner who ferries sentient beings across the mundane whirls of the samsaric-sea into the Nirvanic Ocean of Omniscience: "I live in this coastal metropolis of Kutagara, purifying enlightening practice characterized by great compassion. Observing those on this continent who are poor, I practice such spiritual exercises as will cause their wishes to be fulfilled: I will take care of their mundane needs, and I will satisfy them with spiritual enjoyments; I will teach Read more [...]

Here, There, and Everywhere

Sarvagamin Our next spiritual benefactors bear similar traits from previous ones. The mendicant Sarvagamin leads others to omniscient knowledge and a “magical liberation” in similar tone to King Anala, although he bears one additional salient feature: I am established in the enlightening practice of going everywhere, I have attained concentration of all-observing vision, and I am imbued with the light of knowledge of transcendent wisdom which distinguishes all planes of the cosmos without Read more [...]