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Tuesday Vespers

Tuesday Vespers Blessed One, come to my assistance O’ Lord, make haste to help me Glory be to the Blessed Buddha and to the Divine Dharma and to the Hallowed Sangha, both now and forever and ever. Swaha. Come, Bless the Lord, all you supplicants of Holy Gnosis. You who reside in the house of the Noble One, in the sanctum sanctorum of the Unborn Mind. Blessed One, be merciful to me, a transgressor of your ways. Oh Lord, create in me a mind and heart that is worthy of your Divine Read more [...]

An Ancient Mariner

Vaira Vaira is a mariner who ferries sentient beings across the mundane whirls of the samsaric-sea into the Nirvanic Ocean of Omniscience: "I live in this coastal metropolis of Kutagara, purifying enlightening practice characterized by great compassion. Observing those on this continent who are poor, I practice such spiritual exercises as will cause their wishes to be fulfilled: I will take care of their mundane needs, and I will satisfy them with spiritual enjoyments; I will teach Read more [...]