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Tuesday Vespers

Tuesday Vespers Blessed One, come to my assistance O’ Lord, make haste to help me Glory be to the Blessed Buddha and to the Divine Dharma and to the Hallowed Sangha, both now and forever and ever. Swaha. Come, Bless the Lord, all you supplicants of Holy Gnosis. You who reside in the house of the Noble One, in the sanctum sanctorum of the Unborn Mind. Blessed One, be merciful to me, a transgressor of your ways. Oh Lord, create in me a mind and heart that is worthy of your Divine Read more [...]

For Suchness Sake

  More from Tōzan One day Dungshan said goodbye to Master Yunyan. Yunyan asked, “Where are you going?” “Although I’m leaving the master, I don’t know where I’ll end up.” “Aren’t you going to Hunan?” “No.” “Going to your native place?” “No.” “When will you be back?” “When you have a place to stay (i.e. heading a monastery) then I’ll be back.” “Now that we part, it’ll be difficult to meet again.” “It’ll be difficult not to Read more [...]

Sea-Slug Dharma

  Master Dongshan Liangjie  (807-869  Jpn.: Tōzan Ryōkai) -The Nonsentient Expounds the Dharma- Dongshan next visited Master Guishan, and asked him, “I’ve heard that the National Teacher Huizhong taught that the nonsentient can expound the Dharma, I don’t understand the intricate meaning of this teaching.” Master Guishan said, “Do you remember the dialog?” “Yes.” “Tell it again.” Dongshan then repeated the following dialog: A monk asked, “What is the Read more [...]