6.18 When the mind is totally subjugated to the Divine Self (Atman), then one is indelibly united with the Unborn Lord.

Unequivocally absorbed in Divine Blessedness, the mechanisms of the lower-self (body-consciousness) are disbanded.

6.19 The well-developed mind of the yogin, concentrating exclusively on the Self-Supreme, is like a steady flame that is unperturbed by samsaric-winds.

Just as the flame from a lighted candle does not flicker in a windless-place, just so the flame of Eternal-Vidyā in the muni’s mind is never extinguished.

6.20 The yogin who one-pointedly meditates on the Divine Atman finds eternal-rest, forever disinfected from defiled sensate phenomena.  

6.21 Enjoying the unsurpassed-bliss of the unblemished Atman, the yogin is resolutely situated in Divine-Reality, never again to stray from the Dharmadhātu.

6.22 So wholeheartedly established in the Element of Truth, there is no-thing else that the yogin needs to achieve nor will ever again be shaken from this sure-foundation, even by the worst-possible samsaric-affliction. 

6.23 Totally disassociating from any identification with former painful experiences, the yogin steadily practices unexcelled-dhyana in direct and undivided one-pointedness of mind and spirit. 

As these four-verses reveal, the primary-characteristic of the yogin’s success in meditation depends upon direct and uninterrupted one-pointedness of mind and spirit (Deep Samādhis). Through this unexcelled discipline, the yogin becomes a permanent resident of the Dharmadhātu, while at the same time becoming disengaged with his former status as an inhabitant of the Karmadhātu. The realization soon dawns that no-thing else is necessary to achieve this divine-initiative and unification with the Supreme-Selfhood. The past-seeds of karmic-misfortune are cremated in the all-consuming buddhaic-flame of Eternal-Vidyā.

6.24 Relinquish all former karmic desires and associations and attachments. Your mind will then become a resilient-fortress in the face of all future assaults from the evil one.

In order to reach the sanctum-sanctorum of the Unborn Mind, the villains of relentless thoughts and attachments need to be stopped-dead in their tracks. Never allow Mara to gain a foothold and thus obstructing your development of Right Mindfulness ever again.

6.25 As your mind becomes one-pointed and still, you will become empowered to forsake all former ways and thus dwell in the eternal Presence of the Unborn Lord forevermore.

The Yogin’s mind that is thus freed from external and internal dharmata will experience the joy of Divine Ensoulment.

6.26 Should you find your mind wandering again, draw-it back through the ever resilient Recollective Resolve that assures a tranquil spirit, one faithfully resting in the tender and unobstructed embrace of the Unborn Father.  

No matter how many times Mara’s recklessness attempts to invade the Recollected Spirit, the yogin should always thwart his attack through the divine-initiative of remaining centered in the dominion of deathlessness.

6.27 The yogin whose gaze is forever fixed on the Unborn Lord attains to the highest perfection of transcendental-bliss.

The successful devotee perpetually maintains an interior-concentration on the Lord Absolute.

6.28 As the yogin is freed from all impurities one naturally ascends to the purifying and boundless realm of pari-nirvana.

The accomplished yogin/yogini, unstained by the defiled attachments of all dualities, lingers in the blissful domain of the Liberated-Self.

6.29 Enjoying the beatific-vision of the undefiled Dharma-Lord, the yogin looks upon all under ITs dominion with an impartial-eye.

The liberated-spirit thus perceives-all with the impartial Dharma-Eye of the Absolute. In such wise all is permeated with the purifying rays of Unborn Light.

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