O’ Luminous Host


Reading through these blog-posts within this series, Beyond the Rainbow Body, some might be tempted to surmise that they downgrade “Light” to a mere obscuration, like a white-head pimple on the face of the Unborn Essence. They would be mistaken. While “Dark” and “Darkness” appears to transcend light in all segments of these given blogs, in actuality they bespeak a “Translucent Darkness”, a vivaciously Luminous and Inner-Light that radiates outwards—the Nature of the Hidden-Light of the Unborn, or the Inner-Clear-Mind of the Tathāgatas. This is like a “darkness to the senses” but a luminous Self-revelation for those with the awakened eyes of the Spirit. It is a Mind-Trek soaring over defiled aggregated existence into a Luminous Transfiguration of Tathatic-Union, as the weary-wheel of samsaric re-birth is forever stilled and its diurnal movement negated and refined in the perpetual-translucent flame and Clear-Light of the Unborn Mind. This is the very Luminous Host of Boundless Light described and honored in the following passages from the Liturgy of Light which is part of The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva, included in the larger Dharma-series, The Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra:

Father, now is the moment we abide in your Primordial Essence. Your Luminous Body is the pure Clear Light wherein resides Peace and Equanimity of Spirit. If we bring forth this Light within us, what we bring forth shall save us. If we do not bring forth this Light within us, what we do not bring forth will cause us to wither away and die. Your Gnosis of Light Enlightens the whole world. If your Light does not shine within us, we condemn ourselves to eternal darkness. The Clear Light of your Buddha-gnosis is the Way, the Truth and the Life; if this Light is not enkindled in our spirit, we will have no life within us but only the darkness of Mara’s Death…

Father, Enlighten our spirit! Enkindle your Living Flame of Love that dwells within our heart. Be a Light for our feet. May it never allow us to stumble. Whatever arises, empower us to let it be—without judgment or haste; without past or future; without attachment or aversion; without affirmation or denial; without nearness or remoteness. Let whatever arises be the pure and Clear Light of Mind, that opens the way into the very ground of your abiding Presence. Thus whatever arises will be Liberated in the Light of your Truth. May everything that arises simply be exactly As It Is—perfect openness and boundlessness. Thus all will be accomplished according to your Unborn Will.

Eventually, this Pure Luminous Mind needs to be Self-Realized as a fully enlightened Tathatic-Spirit arises within the very bosom of the Primordial Unborn Father (Samantabhadra). This Luminous-Action far transcends any phenomenal manifestations (including the popularized rainbow-body) and is truly a sign of the ultimate—Dharmakaya Arising. Now the spirit swoons in an Undivided Oneness of Self-Enrapture as the Great Shining ideation of the Dharmata-Buddha Enlightens the Way home in pure Dharmakayic-Ecstasy. What need of any secondary, phenomenally-based, distractions that hinders the spiritual sojourner from Absolute satisfaction and Union with the Unborn? Now Nirvana is won! The Spirit Recollects that it is more celestial than human—a reflection of the Dharmakaya Itself. As the Aggañña-Sutta states, “we are Mind-created Spiritual Beings, soaring through space, self-luminous and in imperishable beauty.” Devoid of this Noble Unborn Luminosity, all that’s left are hell-bent reanimated corpses.

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