Mind to Mind Transmission?

Mind to Mind transmission is not about [somehow] coming to meet [itself] as in a mirror—like an objective face staring back at itself. Mind in itself does not need to have a transmission with itself, the very suggestion sound’s rather schizophrenic in nature, most juvenile!  “Mind coming to know itself?” Silly, reminds me of that song from the musical, The King and I–“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. Getting to know you, putting it my way, But nicely, You are precisely, My cup of tea.” Does it take “a selfie” of itself as well?

As an earlier series expressed, the Buddha’s Mind-Transmission is a No-Transmission of Mind. Some have no inkling of this and perceive something to be transmitted by something (mind). Mind cannot be used to grasp Mind as that would implicate Mind in some kind of joint subjective/objective affair.

Mind is Mind (Fait accompli) and no-thing else. No-thing is getting transmitted; as the Buddha’s admonition time and time again states, ‘I truly attained nothing from complete, unexcelled Enlightenment.’ This illustrates the foolishness of searching for That which one already has; indeed, many go searching for it incessantly, never coming to the Noble Self-Realization that It’s always been “right-here”. Just Realize the Buddha in your Mind of Minds. No-thing more need be done.

To reiterate, there are those who want to perceive some kind of Mind-thing that gets transmitted. There is no-form of transmission that transmits any-thing, including Mind as representative of an objective-subjective, objective-objective, subjective-subjective thing. All is Mind AS IT IS and No-thing else need apply that attempts to claim any résumé of emancipatory “know-how.” As the Diamond Sutra would argue, obtaining no Mind Transmission whatever is called Mind Transmission.

From Huangbo

The Mind is neither large nor small; it is located neither within nor without. It should not be thought about by the mind nor be discussed by the mouth. Ordinarily, it is said that we use the Mind to transmit the Mind, or that we use the Mind to seal the Mind. Actually, however, in transmitting the Mind, there is really no Mind to receive or obtain; and in sealing the Mind, there is really no Mind to seal. If this is the case, then does the Mind exist or does it not exist? Actually, it cannot be said with certainty that the Mind either exists or does not exist, for it is Absolute Reality.

When the people of the world hear it said that the Buddhas transmit the Doctrine of the Mind, they suppose that there is something to be attained or realized apart from Mind, and thereupon they use Mind to seek the Dharma, not knowing that Mind and the object of their search are one.

What is your Original Face and what is Hua-Tou? Your Original Face is without discrimination. Hua-Tou is the Reality before the arising of a single thought. When this Mind is enlightened, it is the Buddha; but when it is confused, it remains only the mind of sentient beings.

In fact, however, Mind is not Mind and transmission is not really transmission.

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