Dark Sessions

Part Two

In the early evening mist, Pamela, a young woman in her early twenties, stood at the foot of a hill, her heart pounding with a mix of excitement and trepidation. She had recently embarked on a career as a paranormal investigator, and the assignment that lay before her was unlike anything she had encountered before. It was the peculiar mansion, perched atop the hill that beckoned her with its enigmatic presence.

As she gazed up at the aged dwelling, Pamela couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down her spine. The legend surrounding the mansion was one of the most haunting she had ever heard. It was said that within those decaying walls, a sickly child with an abnormally enlarged and eerie head had once resided. The mere thought of it sent a chill down her spine.

The child, according to the tales passed down through generations, was said to have spent its days in the Tower Room, perpetually peering through the misty windowpane. The image of its chilling silhouette, cast against the foggy glass, had become a symbol of both fear and fascination for those who dared to venture near the mansion.

Pamela’s knowledge of the legend was rudimentary at best, but it only fueled her curiosity further. She yearned to uncover the truth behind the stories that had haunted the mansion for so long. With her trusty equipment in hand, she took a deep breath and began her ascent up the hill, determined to face whatever awaited her within those mysterious walls.

As she climbed higher, the wind whispered through the trees, adding an eerie soundtrack to her journey. The mansion loomed larger with each step, its presence becoming more palpable. Pamela’s heart raced, her mind filled with a mix of anticipation and fear. What secrets lay hidden within those walls? What had become of the child with the abnormally enlarged head?

Pamela stood at the threshold of the old, creaky door, her heart pounding with anticipation. She had been waiting for this moment for what felt like an eternity. She had heard so much about Agnes, her esteemed compatriot in the realm of the supernatural, and she couldn’t wait to finally meet her.

As she pushed the door open, she was greeted by a dimly lit room, filled with the scent of incense and the sound of soft chanting. And there, standing before her, was Agnes herself. Pamela couldn’t believe her eyes. She had heard so much about Agnes, but seeing her in person was something else entirely.

A brief introduction to Agnes is warranted. At approximately sixty years of age, she possessed a moderate stature accompanied by a robust physique, complemented by her silvery-white hair. Wire-rimmed glasses were securely perched on her nose, and her keen, eagle-like eyes possessed an uncanny ability to penetrate through one’s very being. Agnes, a woman of German ancestry, exhibited a gentle demeanor, unless provoked. However, she was far from being an ordinary investigator. Having dedicated years to the pursuit of truth, she ascended to the esteemed rank of “Master” in the spiritual discipline of “Unknowing.” To comprehend the path that leads to the ultimate inquiries and resolutions of all matters, one must first relinquish all preconceived knowledge, for the source that underlies everything remains beyond the realm of comprehension. Adorning her neck was a silver medallion, bearing the depiction of a tree, its intricate roots delving deep into the earth, while its branches extended outward from its core. Rumor has it, within exclusive circles, that a “new branch” materializes each time Agnes guides an individual, who seeks her aid, safely through their personal journey of darkness and uncertainty.

Agnes, her noble superior in the realm of the occult and supernatural, whose  presence exuded an air of authority and wisdom, left Pamela in awe of her vast knowledge. Their customary exchanges had been filled with intrigue and mystique, as they delved into the secrets of the unknown.

But now, as the night wore on, Pamela found herself plagued by restlessness. Time seemed to stretch on endlessly, each minute feeling like an eternity. The silence of the room was broken only by the soft rustling of the curtains, as if the very fabric of the night whispered secrets to her.

Thoughts and questions swirled in Pamela’s mind, like a tempestuous storm threatening to consume her. The mysteries of the occult, the supernatural forces that Agnes had dedicated her life to understanding, danced before her eyes. She yearned to unravel their enigmatic nature, to grasp the elusive truths that lay hidden in the shadows.

Pamela was gracefully escorted up a grandiose staircase that exuded opulence, leading her to a lavishly adorned bedroom that eagerly awaited her presence on the second floor. After bidding Agnes a goodnight, Pamela retired for the evening.

As the hours ticked by, Pamela’s restlessness grew more pronounced. The weight of the unknown pressed upon her, suffocating her in its grip. She longed for the solace of sleep, for respite from the ceaseless thoughts that tormented her. But sleep eluded her, slipping through her fingers like sand in an hourglass.

Pamela lay in her bed, tossing and turning, unable to find any respite from her restlessness. The minutes stretched into hours, and it felt as though time itself had become interminable. Frustration gnawed at her, urging her to abandon the futile pursuit of sleep and rise from her bed.

Just as she was contemplating giving in to her restlessness and turning on the light, a faint, muffled sound reached her ears. It seemed to be coming from above, from the ceiling. Curiosity piqued, Pamela strained her ears, trying to make out the source of the sound. Gradually, it grew louder, and then, to her surprise, she heard three distinct knocks at the headrest of her bed.

Startled, Pamela jolted upright, her heart pounding in her chest. What could possibly be causing these strange sounds? As she pondered this question, her eyes were drawn to the adjacent wall. To her astonishment, it began to shift, ever so slowly, revealing a hidden staircase leading up to the Tower Room of the mansion.

A gentle, blue-green light emanated from the staircase, casting an ethereal glow on the surroundings. Pamela’s mind raced with questions. Who could be summoning her to ascend this mysterious staircase? What secrets awaited her in the Tower Room?

With cautious steps, she approached the base of the staircase, her eyes fixed on the darkness above. As she peered upwards, straining to see through the deepening shadows, she thought she could make out two eyes gazing down at her. They seemed to burn into her very soul, drawing nearer and nearer with each passing moment.

A sense of paralysis began to creep over Pamela, threatening to immobilize her completely. But with a surge of remaining strength, she fought against the encroaching fear and swiftly moved to the corner of the room. In one swift motion, she switched on the light, flooding the space with brightness.

And there, before her, stood a sight that sent shivers down her spine. It was a deformed child, its head bulbous and misshapen. It attempted to shield its eyes from the light with what appeared to be hands, its movements restricted and contorted. It resembled a twisted mass of tissue, an inverted human body. It endeavored to open what must have been a mouth, but before it could succeed, Pamela succumbed to unconsciousness.

Gradually awakening from her harrowing encounter, Pamela sensed a resurgence of her bravery and resilience the moment Agnes entered the room and approached her bedside.

As Pamela began to recount her harrowing encounter, her voice trembled slightly, betraying the residual fear that still lingered within her. Agnes listened intently, her eyes filled with a mixture of compassion and curiosity. The room seemed to hold its breath as Pamela described the nameless horror that had invaded her sanctuary, its grotesque appearance etched vividly in her memory.

As she spoke, Pamela’s words painted a vivid picture of the terror she had experienced. The creature’s presence had been suffocating, its malevolence palpable in the air. It had approached her with an eerie determination, its twisted form contorting in unnatural ways. Pamela’s heart had raced, her body frozen with fear as the creature attempted to communicate in a language she couldn’t comprehend.

Agnes listened, her grip on Pamela’s hand tightening, offering a silent reassurance. She could feel the weight of Pamela’s fear, the residual trauma that clung to her like a shadow. But Agnes also sensed something else within Pamela’s words – a resilience, a strength that had been awakened by the encounter. It was as if the darkness had inadvertently ignited a flame within Pamela, reminding her of her own bravery.

As Pamela finished recounting her ordeal, there was a moment of silence that hung in the air. Agnes looked into Pamela’s eyes, seeing the flicker of fear that had briefly resurfaced. Without hesitation, she clasped Pamela’s hand firmly, offering her unwavering support. In that simple gesture, Agnes conveyed her belief in Pamela’s strength, her unwavering trust.

The room seemed to brighten as Pamela’s face transformed, a wide smile spreading across her features. It was a smile that radiated joy and gratitude, a testament to the profound impact Agnes had on her. In that moment, Pamela realized that she was not alone in her journey. Agnes, with her enigmatic presence and the ancient Tree medallion adorning her neck, had become a beacon of hope, a guiding light in the darkness.

Their conversation continued, the sacred bond of trust between them growing stronger with each passing word. Agnes shared her own experiences, her own battles with fear and adversity. And as they spoke, they discovered a shared spiritual depth, a connection that transcended the limitations of their current circumstances.

There was an enigmatic quality about this woman, adorned with the ancient Tree medallion that allowed Pamela to transcend the limitations imposed by her current circumstances.

Pamela’s face briefly displayed a flicker of fear, which swiftly dissipated when Agnes clasped her hand.  Subsequently, Pamela recounted the nameless horror that had invaded her room earlier that evening, along with her profound trepidation when the grotesque creature attempted to communicate.

“It is currently positioned above us, Agnes, attentively listening to our every word. The question arises: why is it in that location? However, more importantly, what is its purpose in relation to me?”

Agnes contorted her face into a deep frown, then directed her gaze towards Pamela. “To comprehend its intentions, you must first UNKNOW your fear of its existence, my dear.”

“What do you mean, Agnes?”

“Do you have faith in me, Pamela?” inquired Agnes, gently adjusting her glasses to establish direct eye contact.

“Yes, Agnes, I cannot explain why, but I do.”

“In that case, let go and trust as I guide you through a Dark Session.”

Pamela closed her eyes and relied on the soothing sound of Agnes’ voice. “Agnes, may I inquire about the meaning of a ‘Dark Session’?”

“Simply put, it is a time to cast aside all fears and uncertainties, allowing them to be dissipated through a Cloud of Forgetfulness. Do not let anything disturb you; do not let anything frighten you. Everything is transient, but the great good remains constant, always present and comforting you. The good is akin to darkness to our senses, as we cannot fully comprehend its essence. All that we experience is merely a shadow of it, and when you find yourself enveloped by that shadow, it signifies that the presence of the good is nearby, safeguarding and favoring you.”

“I am not entirely following, Agnes…you are starting to lose me…”

“Do not fret. Simply remember the aspect of letting go and trusting in a manner that is beyond your understanding. Learn to UNKNOW everything. Here is something that may assist you, listen:

Go, without knowledge of the destination;
Bring, without knowledge of what to bring;
The path is lengthy, the route unfamiliar;
One will discover how to arrive
There on their own;
One possesses the guidance and assistance
Of higher forces of goodness…

“Can you remember that?”

“I believe so. Would you be willing to assist me once more?”

“Certainly. However, when I do, I request that you ‘rise’ and follow me without opening your eyes, regardless of where the unknown path may lead. Do you comprehend?”

“Yes, I am willing.”

In what felt like a mere blink of an eye, Pamela’s eyes fluttered open, and she found herself standing in the Tower Room. The room was dimly lit, with a haunting atmosphere that sent shivers down her spine. But this time, there was something different. In one of the corners, the nameless entity that had caused her such terror before was crouched, its presence undeniable.

However, to Pamela’s surprise, fear was not the emotion that coursed through her veins. Instead, she felt an overwhelming desire to reach out and provide comfort to the entity. It was as if a newfound understanding had washed over her, erasing any remnants of fear that had once consumed her.

“Are you present with me, Agnes?” Pamela whispered, her voice barely audible in the eerie silence of the room.

“Yes, Pamela,” Agnes replied, her voice filled with a sense of calm assurance. “I am in close proximity. I also see the entity. She is responding to you and wishes to accept your touch.”

Pamela’s brows furrowed in confusion. “She? How can that be? It is not human.”

Agnes paused for a moment, as if contemplating how to explain the inexplicable. “She is partially human and partially something else,” she finally responded. “She’s also an empath, capable of feeling and understanding emotions on a profound level. Allow her to reveal the other part to you. It is acceptable to do so. You may approach and touch her.”

With newfound courage, Pamela took a deep breath and calmly approached the entity. As she extended her arms, a surge of anticipation coursed through her. The entity, sensing her intentions, immediately embraced her, its touch radiating a warmth that only a mother could provide. It was a warmth that had been lacking in both their lives for far too long.

In that moment, something extraordinary happened. Their consciousnesses merged, intertwining their thoughts and emotions into a unified whole. All cognitive faculties ceased to exist, leaving only an overwhelming exchange of profound empathy between them. It was as if they were two souls, finally finding solace and understanding in each other’s presence.

Time seemed to stand still as they remained locked in their embrace, their connection growing stronger with each passing moment. The Tower Room, once a place of darkness and fear, now became a sanctuary of love and acceptance. And in that sacred space, Pamela and the entity found solace, healing old wounds that had plagued them for so long.


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