A Revelation

Agnes replied to Pamela’s inquiry, “First and foremost, allow me to state that his ostensible determination was merely superficial. As peculiar as it may sound, I believe that Crowley was genuinely unaware of his own authentic will and spent his entire life chasing a mirage. He was a man of exceptional abilities, often exhibiting brilliance and occasional genius, but he squandered his potential in a juvenile rebellion against authority and a rationalization of every impulse of his insatiable ego. Crowley’s life is replete with misfortunes, but this may be the most lamentable of them all. Yet, he has somehow eclipsed time itself.

“However, there was a period during which I was captivated by his charismatic aura and formidable presence. Our relationship evolved into a romantic one, encompassing various forms of intimate encounters. Unbeknownst to me at that time, he was also involved in a romantic relationship with a close friend of mine, Dawn, who also succumbed to his forceful allure. Regrettably, this idyllic situation swiftly transformed into a distressing ordeal. I happened to witness an incident where he violently assaulted Dawn during their participation in one of his Sex Magick circles. Therefore, I present to you my remarkable narrative…

A gathering of indigenous witches, warlocks, and even more sinister entities convened in a dark forest with the purpose of aiding in Dawn’s degradation. As she disrobed and approached the feared altar, flanked by unclothed indigenous males donning goat-head masks, I interjected with a fervent plea to Dawn.

“Please, hold on! Do not succumb to their influence. In this very moment, you retain your true identity and possess the liberty to reject their ways and instead embrace righteousness. Dawn, I harbor deep affection for you!”

Dawn slowly emerged from a profound state of detachment and turned to meet my gaze. “What did you just say?” Her eyes widened, now ablaze with a comforting blue glow. How incredibly heartening it was to hear those words.

“I love you, I repeated, my voice filled with urgency. Let’s quickly escape from this dreadful place before it’s too late!”

In a sudden and terrifying moment, the air was filled with a chilling laughter that seemed to emerge from the depths of hell itself. It was Aleister Crowley, his eyes burning with a fiery intensity, concealed beneath a dark hood. He forcefully positioned himself between myself and Dawn, and without any mercy, he struck me, causing me to collapse to the ground, gasping for air.

Dawn, overwhelmed with fear and concern, instinctively threw herself onto Crowley’s back, desperately pleading, “No, Nooo! Please, leave her alone!”

However, Crowley responded with a sinister chuckle, reminiscent of a demonic being, and with a single swift motion, he callously tossed Dawn aside as if she were nothing more than a lifeless rag doll.

Mockingly, Crowley taunted, “Well, well, well… seems like you’re losing your courage, Dawn.” He continued with a malicious grin, “Well, your dear friend here is about to suffer even more than just a loss of spirit!”

In light of this, Crowley commanded for Dawn to be detained by his repugnant entourage, while she observed with a sense of powerlessness as I was forcibly disrobed, escorted towards the altar, and on the verge of enduring a brutal violation, when a soothing voice broke through the contaminated atmosphere…

A man adorned in a white robe and hood stood upright and confident, firmly gripping a wooden staff in his left hand. “All of you who embody pure hatred and emptiness…I command you, in the name of the spirit that has created all things, to release the young woman!”

Suddenly, the demonic group became feeble and devoid of power. I crawled away from the altar and hurriedly approached Dawn, where we embraced each other in tears. Crowley, refusing to be defeated, summoned his remaining strength and recited an incantation. From the misty air emerged two trees—one beautiful and abundant with fruit, while the other was old and decaying, its branches lifeless.

“Observe,” exclaimed Crowley, “that is the ‘option’ which your acquaintance had mentioned earlier, Dawn. The reality is, my dear that you are left with no alternative but to SELECT one of them at present. One presents the prospect of eternal beauty, while the other only guarantees wretchedness, deterioration, and demise!!!”

The two young women remained trembling as I endeavored to approach the hooded figure who had just preserved my honor and existence.

“Kind sir, I implore you…please…please assure us that his words are false—aid us in escaping this location!” I pleaded, my voice filled with tears.

“I am afraid that he is speaking the truth… I do not possess any authority over this matter. As it was in the past, so it shall be now and in the future. The task must be accomplished; your friend must make this decision independently, without any intervention,” stated the timely visitor dressed in white.

Dawn’s senses became numbed as she observed me, as I wept, attentively observing the transformation of my friend’s expression from fear and horror to a perplexed frown. Subsequently, a smile gradually emerged on Dawn’s countenance, accompanied by a soft laughter that escalated in volume.

“How foolish of me to have momentarily succumbed to weakness,” Dawn uttered. “Of course, I am aware of which option to select… Just imagine, Agnes, I will acquire boundless knowledge, never again experiencing powerlessness, and above all else—I will forever remain youthful!”

“DAWN!!! Nooo, refrain from approaching that tree!!!” I implored, rushing towards my companion.

The White visitor urgently addressed me, attempting to prevent myself from taking action. However, it was too late. Dawn forcefully pushed me aside, causing me to stumble into The Other Tree and become impaled by its sharp thorns.

“Agnes, it was unwise of you to attempt to impede me. Your appearance is pitiable and foolish. Did you truly believe that I would choose something as grotesque as that over the feast that I am about to partake in?” Dawn’s words were spoken in a tone of condescension and disdain.

Bleeding from the thorns that had torn my skin, I watched in agony as Dawn approached the bountiful tree and indulged in its offerings. Once she had satisfied her hunger, Dawn caressed the tree’s soft bark, unaware that its branches were slowly descending upon her. A piercing scream escaped her lips as she was ensnared by the tree’s vice-like grip. Crowley, observing from a distance, chuckled to himself in a macabre manner as he witnessed a large, black serpent descend from the tree’s canopy and coil itself around Dawn, its target. After emerging from Dawn, the serpent vanished in a blaze of fire, leaving me in tears.

My sorrowful appearance provoked an insatiable fury within Crowley, who proceeded to charge towards me with the intention of forcibly extracting me from The Other Tree and claiming me as his own. However, a surrounding mist of a “blue” hue impeded his progress, causing him to express his disdain through a hiss. He then proceeded to retrieve the unconscious body of Dawn, hoisting her over his shoulder before vanishing into the encroaching darkness, accompanied by his mischievous accomplices who limped after him.

Upon the dispersion of the malevolent group, I gradually succumbed to unconsciousness while the enigmatic individual, cloaked in white, delicately lowered my body from The Other Tree. Gradually regaining my strength, I raised my gaze as the white figure suddenly doubled over in apparent agony, revealing a silver medallion protruding from beneath the hooded garment. I hurried to his side, intending to offer assistance, yet he shook his head ever so gently, his breath labored, and slowly elevated himself onto his knees, beginning to remove his hood. I was horrified by the sight of an exceedingly elderly man, struggling for breath and possessing a voice that resembled the sound of impending demise.

He uttered, “My time is rapidly drawing to a close… I have fulfilled my journey and purpose… now it is time for your mission to commence…”

He rose gradually, removed his white cowl, and draped it over my unclothed form. Despite the malodorous emanations from his emaciated physique, he endeavored to suppress any wheezing as I observed with complete astonishment. He then proceeded to remove the silver medallion from around his neck and placed it upon my own before drawing the white hood over my serene countenance.

“Pursue The Order of The Other Side…the medallion shall serve as an indication to them that your Time has come…it…It is concluded!”

I was captivated as the ground trembled and the Great Other Tree emerged from the soil, its opulent roots creeping towards the corpse of the deceased elderly gentleman, enveloping him in a shroud-like tissue before receding back into the earth. Subsequently, the Other Tree gradually dissipated.

I once had an alliance with the Jesuit Order of Priests. They were completely unaware of my enigmatic man dressed in white, had no knowledge of the existence of the Order of The Other Side, and even went as far as threatening me with Ex-Communication unless I repented for my fantastical account and engaged in “intensive” spiritual guidance to purify my soul from an excessive imagination. The Vicar General believed that I required an exorcism, but rather than subject myself to this potentially oppressive religious constraint, I decided to embark on a voyage to Europe, enduring a long and arduous journey in the hopes of uncovering any trace of this enigmatic “Order”.

Following numerous encounters with clandestine organizations in the heart of Slavic territories, my expedition culminated in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Tibet. In this remote location, free from the corrupting influences of the West, I discovered a small community of hermits consisting of both Asian and Caucasian men and women. These individuals exchanged knowledge and insight within cells hewn into the rock, and were collectively known as The Order of The Other Side. Upon revealing my “medallion”, I was warmly received as a novice into their community.

After dedicating eight years to extensive prayer, study, and a rigorous discipline of dervish dances, I acquired a wealth of Wisdom and attained the fruits of Contemplation, thus preparing myself for final vows. However, prior to taking this significant step, I was guided into the chamber of the esteemed Grand Master in the Art of Unknowing, Meister Ciparis. It was there that I discovered the truth regarding my encounter with the Old Man in White, who had saved my life on that unforgettable evening. This mysterious figure turned out to be a former Carthusian Monk who had departed from his Order in late 13th century France, an act commonly referred to as “jumping the wall.” His journey eventually led him to The Order of the Other Side, a clandestine and ancient community deeply immersed in enigmatic practices. Within this order, he was initiated into the High Art of Unknowing, which involved comprehending the path that leads to the ultimate questions and answers of all that exists. To embark upon this journey, one must first “UNKNOW” everything, as the source behind all things cannot be fully comprehended or grasped. By embracing this “Way,” a protective Cloud of Unknowing descends upon the individual, rendering any malevolent forces dormant in its presence.

Evil endeavors to dominate and exert control over all that is known, yet the Source of all creation possesses an enigmatic nature that renders evil bewildered and powerless in the Presence of All THAT Is. The aforementioned individual, a former Carthusian, was among the “chosen” few whose Love burned so fervently for this Unknown Wisdom that a transformation occurred, one that bears the Mark of the Great Other Tree. Receiving this gift entails a consequential responsibility, as one is ordained to traverse the earth on a mission to liberate those whose lives are held captive by the forces of darkness. This wandering shall not cease until the last “branch” appears on the Silver Medallion of the Great Other Tree. Until such a moment arrives, however, a branch will continue to sprout on the medallion, a result of someone being lifted from the shackles of enslaving shadows. This benevolent man, who still donned his White Carthusian habit and the medallion around his neck, roamed for Four Centuries, freeing six hapless victims from the curse of darkness, with myself being his seventh and ultimate encounter.

“My Dear Pamela, I have hereby presented to you my peculiar narrative. I have undertaken my itinerant quest with valor and resilience, with the intention of one day emancipating Dawn from the vile clutches of Aleister Crowley. However, upon my return after a prolonged twelve-year absence, I was disheartened to learn that she had already departed and was nowhere to be found.”


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