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The Heat of the Matter

As stated in the opening blog of this series Spiritual-Heat, or Tapas, is generated when utilized for spiritual rejuvenation; tapas is always a self-imposed and voluntary type of asceticism, rather than a natural occurring one. These voluntary practices may entail seclusion, silence, and fasting. It is considered to be a personalized form of austerity or asceticism. By engaging in tapas, individuals purify themselves and transition from impurity to purity, ultimately reaching a celestial state. Therefore, tapas encompasses both the practices performed and the outcome of asceticism, such as the heat generated during the practice. Through the practice of asceticism, or tapas, the ascetic experiences spiritual fervor. In Unborn Mind Zen it is a formidable surge of luminosity that solely the devout pursuer dares to embark upon, for it is through such divine benevolence that they relish in the delightful ecstasy discovered within its boundless core of perpetual solicitude. When practitioners engage in meditation and invoke the Tathagata deities, their inner mind and spirit become infused with the potency of bodhi, thereby enabling them to access the Element of Truth (Dharmadhatu). The resulting inner-heat has the potential to transmute one’s being into a crystalline Vajra-Body, which is commonly referred to as the Blue Flame of the Bodhichild within our tradition. This phenomenon takes place within the sacred womb of the Tathagata-garbha. The wise ancients have presented a highly fitting analogy of the aforementioned interconnection: the mother hen is capable of hatching her eggs owing to her constant and attentive inward listening to the chick’s growth. Despite the outward appearance of merely warming the outer-shell, her concentrated focus also engenders an inner-heat, thereby facilitating the circulation of Qi that incubates the embryos. read more

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Dark Dharma

  1. Dark Dharma

The primordial Dragon Race was a spiritual race, spiritual in a true sense as through incalculable kalpas their Dragon Minds transcended the phenomenal realm with the antecedent liberative technique called the Dark Dharma. They catalogued their spiritual ascension by describing the ten-bhumic stages, culminating in the great Dharma Cloud, or Dharmamegha. Now motionless and having obtained Right-Release from all former sensate-attachments, they were free to fully recollect the inner workings bearing the mark: Noble Wisdom. This miraculous and undivided self-realization fostered a spiritual gestation within their Dragon Minds known as the Bodhigotra, wherein the pure and immaculate unborn tathatic seed took root. Properly nurtured through sambodhi, the germination process procured spiritual children termed Bodhigotratvas. The Bodhigotratvas’ mission was to instill Buddhagnosis by implanting bodhi-seeds in corrupted mindfields so as to initiate the Bodhigotra gestation in hopes that similar spiritual progeny would be spawned. read more

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Mañjuśrī Elects Sudhana

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