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An Evening in the Afterglow

What is presented here now is in reference to the 100+ series we offer at UnbornMind Zen. We have selected here a series from early January and February, 2020, just before the Covid pandemic hit. It’s unusual and quite unlike other series we offer here and portions of it are truly prophetic in light of the resultant social-political upheavals that were and are the direct result of the Covid lockdown; accompanied, of course, with the ongoing ramifications of a self-collapsing civilization. But this is only one facet that The Afterglow series offers. It is first and foremost a Buddhist exposition that highlights such subject matter as Satori and the real beauty of Zen. The monsters of the mind and Friedrich Nietzsche; the need for ongoing discernment in one’s spirituality. The evil effects of crowd control and the mind. It asks the perennial question as to whether or not UnbornMind Zen is a religion, or is the Unborn itself, God.  The Prajñāpāramitā and Mañjuśrī. Such spiritual agencies as the Primordials. How to utilize Bodhipower in proper fashion. And much more. What makes this a special enterprise is that it’s being presented now in audio format, much like a little podcast. The meditation here is very welcoming and soothing, much like being in the company of Gautama Buddha himself. Enjoy! read more

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Are You in Love with Your Ignorance?

Are you in love with your ignorance? Truth be told it doesn’t really exist, only a catalog of adventitious defilements dulling the Luminous Host. This dullness of spirit always remains external and thus void of the true taste’s enlightened palate. Seeing it as such reveals that one has never been deluded in the first place, just a presumptive vibe in a rotting stew of mistaken identity. When the lid from the boiling pot is lifted, all that remains is the realization that this ordinary goop is nothing more than the original ingredients that have always been stewing-about. read more

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