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Why Suffer?

Abandoning punishment for all living beings, not hurting even a single one of them, one should not wish for a son, not to mention a companion! one should live alone, like the horn of a rhinoceros. After refusing to strike-out against another sentient being, thus harming-none, why would you want to inflict injury upon yourself by desiring the worldly path with its plethora of suffering?  Desiring children or an intimate companion appears comforting on the surface, but upon taking the plunge Read more [...]

Nada and Silence in John of the Cross

We have extensively covered the rich apothatic spirituality of John of the Cross in a prior series. Our focus now is on the significance of this Nadayana and its twin sister, Silence. John’s negative path is a cradle of nothingness in that no-thing can withstand the awesome splendor of the Unborn Absolute: To reach satisfaction in all Desire satisfaction in nothing. To come to possess all Desire the possession of nothing. To arrive at being all Desire to be nothing. To come to the knowledge Read more [...]

The Aloneness of the Long-Distance Mystic

  From time to time one reads the half-hearted and veiled recalcitrant attacks on mystics by those who are still trapped within their pseudo-intellectualism. They claim that mystics are somehow alien to scientific methodologies, like some form of isolated dharma-freaks. In reality, they are far from the truth. Sisirkumar Ghose has written eloquently in his book, “Mystics as a Force for Change”, that such unwarranted attacks are far off the mark: “The mystic belongs to the Family Read more [...]