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Meet the Buddhas: Bardo 3, Prologue

Entering Bardo Realm Three, we discover that the Sambhogakayic-field we encountered in Bardo Two also encompasses what is to be revealed in this present Bardo of Meditation and Deep Samadhis, although the emphasis now is on the Pure Sambhogakayic Continuum—the Enjoyment (Transcendent) Realm wherein Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other advanced Spiritual Beings truly enjoy pure bliss on the ten planes of Perfected Spiritual Perfection. Amongst this most auspicious Sambhogakayic body reside “The Five Tathagatas”, or the Five Buddhas. They are also known as the Meditation-Buddhas. These Five-Tathagatas are emanations from the Primordial-Buddha Samantabhadra—or the Absolute Shining Dharmakaya. They represent basic rudiments of Holy Wisdom, that for our preliminary purposes in this Bardo-Realm are to counteract and neutralize the influence of the corresponding Five Skandhas. They also comprise the great Mandala of Transformation that is part and parcel of this Sambhogakayic Continuum. At this junction, a general breakdown, a snapshot if you will, of their significance is as follows: read more

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