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The Luminous Convocation

Thus have I heard as it was revealed. At onetime the Dharma-Lord entered the Deep-Samadhis of the Supreme Illumination of Undivided Spiritual Perfection. It is the One-Samadhi wherein all Tathagatas sublimely abide in splendid Luminosity. It is the Mind-ground of Primordial Enlightenment reserved for the spiritual advancement of sentient beings.   The Blessed-One’s psychophysical apparency went dark in motionless quiescence, during which the three-times exhibited no distinctions as his Read more [...]

The Dharma-Door of Praising Tathagāta Akṣhobhya’s Merits

Thus have I heard. Once the Buddha was dwelling on Mount Gṛdhrakūṭa near Rājagṛha, together with an assembly of twelve hundred fifty great monks. All these monks were well-known Arhats who had extinguished all defilements and suffered afflictions no more. They were liberated in mind and in wisdom, and were as free and unhindered as great dragons. They had done what should be done and abandoned the heavy burdens. They had benefited themselves and severed all bonds of existence. They were Read more [...]

Sweet Anointing From Above

Upon hearing the Blessed One expound on his eternal-lifespan, the Lotus Sutra goes on to explain in the ensuing chapters how immeasurable sentient beings may draw merit from this realization. (from Chapter 17) At that time the Buddha addressed Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Maitreya, saying: “O Ajita! Those sentient beings who hear about the great length of the Buddha’s lifespan, and can awaken even a single thought of willing acceptance, will all obtain immeasurable merit. If there are sons Read more [...]