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Born Free

Flipping through the channels on the ol’ tele the other day I came across a golden oldie from 1966: Born Free. A memorable flick about a lioness cub named Elsa who was raised by humans, neither of whom could bring it into their hearts to allow her to be relegated to a zoo; in fact, one of the top scenes for me was when Joy, the cub’s human mother, says that she would never stand for Elsa just rotting away, fat and dopey-like, behind the bars of a cage. No, she would always remain free. What a metaphor! It could also be used in reference to the adept who, in light of the Unborn Buddha Mind, can no longer be held captive behind the discriminatory bars of one’s own limited mind capacity (just staying fat and stupid and complacently lazy in Samsara)—one that is ruled by the vast projections of the Alaya receptacle—no, one needs to soar Free in the Freedom of Mind that the Unborn alone can offer. The following selected lyrics behind the hit single at the time, Born Free, really bring this home: read more

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