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Will the Real Self please Stand-up

There are many standard definitions of Ātman but the most substantial has to do with Its Essential Selfhood. Standing alone as the First Principle, It is the Real-Self that at once transcends all phenomena while simultaneously serving a supportive function as the Essence that constitutes the very fabric of all Beingness. In this respect, it connotes the flavor of a most salient Upaniṣadic recipe: What is the Upaniṣadic ātman? The ātman is not the individual ego; it is neither the body Read more [...]

Coming in October 2019: The Ātman-Brahman in Ancient Buddhism

Perhaps no other subject-matter within Buddhism has caused the most ongoing contention than the issue of whether or not the Buddha denied the Divine Ātman. As we shall discover in this upcoming series in October, a form of atman was denounced, but “which one?” I can state with absolute certitude that our time spent with Kamaleswar Bhattacharya in his 2015 book, The Ātman-Brahman in Ancient Buddhism (English translation of his original 1973 French edition ), will decisively and definitively Read more [...]