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The Twelve Holes of Karma

Suddenly, a realization of grandeur struck him with great force – he had been ensconced within the illustrious Tower all this time. Instead of the vast expanse of the sky, Evan was confronted with a radiant white ceiling. The sandy beach and far-off horizons were replaced by the curved white walls of the tower. His seating arrangement was no longer a weed-covered rock, but rather a sturdy stool crafted from pale steel. The circular area appeared to be vacant, with the exception of a central column that extended from the floor to the ceiling. However, the column’s surface appeared to be unsteady, as if it were in a perpetual state of gradual motion, akin to smoke. The scene had been naught but a reverie, a mirage, a grandiose illusion foolishly perceived as veritable and perpetuated by the human psyche’s yearning and lack of comprehension of the authentic essence of existence. Presently, there was now only an opulent emancipation from the constraints of time and space itself. read more

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