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The Twelve Holes of Karma

Suddenly, a realization of grandeur struck him with great force – he had been ensconced within the illustrious Tower all this time. Instead of the vast expanse of the sky, Evan was confronted with a radiant white ceiling. The sandy … Continue reading

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Omniscient Ocean

Sagaramegha Then Sudhana, reflecting on the instructions of that spiritual benefactor, pondering that enlightening liberation, polishing that enlightening method of concentration, peering into that conductor into the ocean of the essence of enlightenment, intent upon the sphere of buddhahood, seeking … Continue reading

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One Dark Night

John of the Cross utilizes the first few stanzas of his poem, The Dark Night of the Soul, as a medium in which to better understand The Ascent. Darkness is a metaphor for the complete mortification of the senses. To … Continue reading

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Mud and Water

  Another monk stepped out and said: “I have already been able to meditate on emptiness.” Bassui responded: “Tell me how you meditate on emptiness.” The monk said, “During meditation I have complete control over scattered thoughts, and mind and … Continue reading

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Seed of Delusion, Seed of Light

Being attuned with the Unborn Buddha Mind is truly a marvelous reality. There is no greater genuine Self-realization than being with one accord in the Unborn. Bankei was truly blessed with the gift of being able to expound upon this … Continue reading

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Instant Karma

The Lanka once again makes reference to not equating words with meaning: “Mahamati, if one person points to something with their finger, and a foolish person looks at their finger, they won’t know what they really mean. In the same … Continue reading

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