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Seed of Delusion, Seed of Light

Being attuned with the Unborn Buddha Mind is truly a marvelous reality. There is no greater genuine Self-realization than being with one accord in the Unborn. Bankei was truly blessed with the gift of being able to expound upon this profound awareness (undivided bodhipower) to others. Yet, in reading these passages from his teachings it’s apparent that this gift and Undivided-Awakening is limited to only a few—just a handful of bright shining stars in the midst of a raging universe that is littered with the eternal darkness of avidya. Less than 2% of the population is not even dimly aware of the import of the Unborn.  Bankei was truly a singular-spirit who taught the Buddhadharma of the Unborn Buddha Mind with a Hammer—trying to breakthrough the dark layers of ignorance with a great slam-dunk—“Wake-up! All is perfectly resolved in that troubled head of yours…just accept the hardcore reality behind this Noble Self-realization—remove the blinders from your eyes and look into the very heart of THAT which you ALREADY ARE”!  It was always disappointing for Bankei that no one else was on the same spiritual page. The next section primarily draws upon references to his autobiography, whose salient points we covered in our introductory blog to this Dharma series. The one part that struck me was Bankei extrapolating upon this frustration of not being able to find spiritual satisfaction from the attempts of others: read more

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