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Ascension from the Pit

Evan posited that the mind bears resemblance to a well-trodden path, akin to the grooves on an antiquated LP record that causes the needle to skip along its tracks. The navigation of these paths can prove arduous, particularly when the mind is fueled solely by the intellect. However, through unification with the Unborn, one can emancipate themselves from these grooves and truly delve into their Authentic Self. It is almost as if one can leave their [body] conscious self behind and explore the depths that the Unborn Mind exclusively offers. Evan once likened this to an iceberg, with only a small fraction visible above the watermark. However, he now realized that the conscious mind is merely a minute fraction of our essential beingness, and that there is an abundance of uncharted territory within ourselves to explore and discover. Within this realization there existed within him a glimmer of joy. The recognition of the void in all things elicits its own sense of elation. read more

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