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Liberative Dharmakayic Technique

8.9 The Glory of the Unborn Lord is inconceivable, resplendently luminous and well-beyond the reach of any darkness. read more

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Mystagogia: entering deeply into the further mysteries

In preparation for composing the Tathagatagarbhatārā Tantra there was much quality time spent in daily Dhyani Buddha meditations; in particular with the early morning Akṣhobhya Buddha Dharani and additional refrain of the mantra, O Akhobhya HŪ. I remember Tozen once sharing how the Dhyani Buddhas inspirited him in the development of his Dharmakaya Sutra; the same occurred for me—in particular with Akṣhobhya Buddha. Spending daily quality time in this meditation empowered me to see how the Tathagatagarbhatārā Tantra was going to unfold—directions just appeared before my Mind’s eye and led me through its development. This meditation has also matured into something deeper—something along the lines of what the Tibetan Buddhists refer to as “the Inner-Fire-Meditation.” While still in its early stages of maturation, new revelations are occurring daily during my early morning meditations with Akṣhobhya—something truly wonderful is unfolding inwardly and the following offers some observations into its ongoing progress. read more

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