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The Unborn Mind

Attend carefully! You can circle the Five Skandhas and the Six Realms of Impermanence indefinitely. If the principles of this secret-text are not enkindled within you, You will waste precious energy and the Bodhi-tree will not bear any fruit. Yea, … Continue reading

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Stages of Samādhi

Stages of Samādhi i.17-18 There are varying degrees of samādhic attention 1.17 (Samprajnata Samadhi) distinguishing objective-meditative stimuli via four cognitive tools: through form (gross level); through discriminative participation on more subtle levels; through inspirational means leading to a state of … Continue reading

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The Samādhi of One-pointedness of Mind

(Yampolsky) “The samādhi of oneness is straightforward mind at all times, walking, staying, sitting, and lying. The Ching-ming ching says: ‘Straightforward mind is the place of practice; straightforward mind is the Pure Land.’ Do not with a dishonest mind speak … Continue reading

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