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(19) Like an Eagle

Relaxed… But focused… Like an eagle in the sky… With its clear and observant eye… The light-trainee walks the earth and does not allow her mind to depend on anything which is subject to birth and death… Very few, if any, situations affect her… Her keen, sharp dharma-eye can detect the tiniest of demons crossing her way… Revealing their foul nature by observing their petty actions… With a calm, detached and unshakable mind, she continues her life… Calmly and joyfully Read more [...]

Overcoming the Double-edged Sword

3.36 Arjuna inquired, “Blessed One, what is the power that binds us to selfishness? Yes, what is behind that self-destructive force to commit actions that are contrary to our will?” 3.37 It is desire and anger, born from passion that consumes and corrupts everything in its path. As stated in an earlier verse, anger, and now including its mischievous twin, desire, is that destructive force that wrecks havoc in the undisciplined mind; so saith the Dhammapada, or the Way of the Self-Disciplined Read more [...]