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The Sutra of Primordial Enlightenment

After years of gathering dust on a table full of books, awaiting its birth as a series here one day, The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment was dusted-off and examined for possible entry this February. It was pleasantly satisfying to find a lot of insights that weren’t present before on previous goings-over and so the time was ripe for its exegesis to commence. This type of pattern has occurred for other series as well, it seems that when the time is ripe the Dharma-master will reveal a deeper-comprehension of these timeless texts that is beyond the wildest imagination. Certainly this present sutra is a notable one in the vast schema of the Buddhadharma. It has its origins within both Ch’an and Hua-yen schools and was most likely composed during the advent of the eighth century. It was hence most influential in these “meditation-oriented” schools, first within Chinese Ch’an and then later implanted within the rich soil of Korean Sŏn as it continues to be the most prevalent vehicle in its monastic-institutions to this day. read more

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Sudden Anointment

The eminent Tsung-mi holds the key to deciphering the enlightenment equation. Here is his assessment to Shen-hsiu’s verse: read more

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