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Right Posture

ii.46-48 Postures favorable for meditation

2.46 Asana, or comfortable postures

Asana means a steady and comfortable posture. By and large these next sutras highlight the importance of Hatha Yoga. Today this “body-positioning yoga” is what one considers “all-things-yoga” to be in today’s body-obsessed culture. Yet, Patañjali had more in mind than glorifying body positions and its accompanying overt-pridefulness. This is good news for those searching for that “balanced” stance needed for meditation. Those brothers and sisters who are overly attached to their zazen posture might find this sutra an affront to their over-zealous position in stressing zazen as the be-all of everything. While zazen can be a chosen means for meditation, one would hope that the adept in this regard is indeed experiencing this “Asana”, or comfortable position—comfortable in the sense that it does not inflict any undue stress on the body and mind. Patañjali accentuates moderation in this regard; one’s posture should be supple rather than rigid. Sri Swami Satchindananda, in his edition of the Yoga Sutras, offers the following little story: read more

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Yoga’s Eight Limbs


ii. 28-29 Yoga’s Eight-Limbs are the means to transformation

2.28 When the impurities have dried-up, Right Perception dawns pointing the way to Re-union with the Unborn. read more

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