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The Lamb and the Scroll

We next come to a chapter in Revelation that houses the beginning of those mind-boggling images. The most outstanding one is the Lamb with the Seven Eyes. Today’s accompanying image at the top is one representation envisioned in a science-fiction flick from 1980, Altered States, starring a young William Hurt. It is truly a visionary extravaganza—for the most part one of the best mystically religious depictions in cinema, although the ending is a great let-down as it is the usual canned love-relationship theme that wipes out all the mystical-revelations that meticulously came before. It is still worth watching for the visually-startling and gratifying mystical themes that bracket the movie throughout. Today’s accompanying reference to the scrolls with the seven seals is a book of destiny in which events of the end-time are recorded (Dan 10:21; 1 Enoch 81:1-3). Opening the seals is equivalent to causing these events to occur. (JBC) read more

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