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Contemplative Pedagogy?

This blog will address a contemporary expose on “Contemplative Pedagogy” written by Peter Kaufman of the sociology department @ Suny New Paltz, USA. Professor Kaufman asserts that there is a need to synthesize Contemplation with a critical pedagogy, one that is devoted and directed towards radical social transformation. While he maintains that contemplation is an “inner-directed practice of helping students find balance and wholeness in their lives”, it also needs to be linked with a Critical pedagogy, one that is “generally viewed as a form of education that is outer-directed and attempts to foster radical social change.” We will argue that placing Contemplation in such a context holds it hostage to the radical agenda of socialized-propaganda whose mission is not to foster authentic-Contemplative awareness and development, but rather to create a churning-sea of mindless-monads who are at the beck and call of leftist-leaning agendas. read more

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