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Sorrowless Well-Being


Sudhana enters a glorious-sparkling Park known as Samantavyuha (arrangement of the Totality):

He saw the park surrounded by fences made of all kinds of jewels, in the
midst of rows of all kinds of jewel trees, adorned throughout with beautiful
delicate flowers like sets of all kinds of jewels releasing pollen, adorned by all
kinds of jewel trees, strewn with the various blossoms of the flowers of all
kinds of jewel trees, with rows of trees of all kinds of fragrances giving off
their scents in all directions, trees of garlands of all jewels with their flower
buds bursting forth streaming a rain of garlands of various jewels, the
ground beautifully spread with various decorations made of jewels from
trees of all kinds of diamonds, the area well distributed with cloths of various
colors hanging down from trees of flowers of various forms, with trees of all
kinds of musical instruments making beautiful sounds surpassing the heavens when stirred by the wind… read more

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