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Drop the Blanket

6. “Q: Yet it is recorded that 'Whosoever possesses the thirty-two characteristic signs of a Buddha is able to deliver sentient beings'. How can you deny it? A: Anything possessing ANY signs is illusory. It is by perceiving that all signs are no signs that you perceive the Tathagata.1 'Buddha' and 'sentient beings' are both your own false conceptions. It is because you do not know real Mind that you delude yourselves with such objective concepts. If you WILL conceive of a Buddha, YOU WILL Read more [...]

Sans Karma

Twenty-four: Sans Karma “Again, Subhuti, if one were to pile up seven precious treasures in the three thousand chiliocosms and give them away as a gift, the merit resulting from such an act would be less than that of someone who was to memorize but one stanza from this Vajrachedika Prajna-Paramita and teach it to others. The merit of the latter would indeed be so great that no comparison could be made.” seven precious treasures: Gold, silver, pearls, coral, cornelian, glass, and crystal The Read more [...]
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