The Mystical Body: Bardo 3, Bodhikaya

The implications of these excursions into the Dhyāna of Deep Samadhis should give a clear and lucid realization as to their True-Import in terms of transcending any form of phenomena that arises within the Bardos—whatever the given Bardo Stage. Being Yoked (Eternally-bonded) with the Tathata-Family through the very seed-base of the Buddhas themselves, neither life nor death has any further significance for those who have crossed (parinirvana) to the other shore of Suchness. The sting of death no longer has any consequence for such a Mind. It’s all a matter now of training the Mind to gradually let-go (through the High-Gnosis of these Dhyāna techniques) of the Rūpakaya. Yet, there is still much Self-Revelatory work to be done until receiving Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi. The Ariyan Mind is far from complete in itself. It does not make this transformative journey alone on its own power. There are still higher stages that need to be met, like becoming fully-initiated into this Buddhaic-Mind-Family, before final severance with the Karmadhatu can occur.

Now yoked with the Tathagatakaya through the illuminative power of Bodhi, the Ariyan Mind becomes attuned with the “Self-aware Mystical & Spiritual Power embodying the Truth as a Pure-Mind Revelation” of the developing gotra (Bodhichild). This Spiritual Child of Unborn Light is now a full “embodhiment” (Bodhikaya) of the Truth-Body (Dharmakaya). The bodhichild can also be referred to as the Mystical-Body of the Tathagatas; it shares through a preternatural umbilical-cord within the Tathagata-garbha the very Source of Tathata (Suchness).
The deeper Buddha-gnosis within this Pure Mind Revelation is that the Ariyan Mind is no longer fixated on passing phenomena, but on the ever present “Dharma Realm”, or dharmadhatu—the True, Unmoving Body of Reality. It is forming into that Diamond-Body that is impervious to passing aggregated existence (all former personalized [apart from the Unborn] skandhic forms); indeed, it now develops a Mind that rests on No-thing whatsoever but its True Undivided Kingdom of Self—the Dharmakaya. It now knows the Perfect-Suchness of No-thing arising or descending but rather resting in a Stateless-State of Pure Imageless Actuosity whose Primordial Root neither begins nor ends but simply IS AT IT IS.

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